A Brief Introduction.

This site has been created as an aid for those of you lucky enough to be sitting A2 law with OCR. The site focuses on the area of Tort law and gathers data from numorous sources: handouts, books, other websites and the millions of scraps of paper that are piling up on my floor. I hope this site helps you with your revision and I have tried to make it a little bit more interesting, so it goes in easier!

The cases and more important stuff (HEY!!! its all important, well, kind of..) is highlighted in a beautiful orangey colour , mmmm...
Also my keyboard is not very good and the keys do not enter very well sometimes, so please forgive any spelling mistakes.

This website is also displayed beautifully on mobiles, so if you're bored with nothing to do on a long journey, stop whining and learn some law.

This site is under construction

Whilst I shall do my best to update this site most days, it's still bloody hard work! Some areas of this site may never be finished purely because I'm not some Jesus-boy who can work miracles and I like to think that I have a bit of a social life too. If you have any comments or suggestions or just want to say you love me feel free to do so below.